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THE HISTORY of the hotel

Combining the heritage of yesterday and the hotel industry of today

Palavas les Flots has officially been a seaside and climatic resort since 1920.

Since the 19th century, Palavas les Flots has been the place where the people of Montpellier came to enjoy the sun and sea bathing. Palavas then became the "City of water of the South". The sun, the fresh sea air and sea bathing had the reputation of curing many diseases...

We stayed in hotels, boarding houses, chalets...


The hotel was probably built between 1895 and 1898. It must originally have been a family home where you could rent a room with board, on a weekly or monthly basis. Then it became a hotel ; it was called the Hotel du Casino then the Hotel Le Tanagra. Very well located, right next to the Casino and along the Lez, it welcomed personalities and entertainers who performed at the Casino Theater (Casino Granier).

We felt in love with this Palavas of yesterday and we wanted to remember all this beautiful area. We pay tribute to all the swimmers who came to Palavas les Flots, we hope you will share our wink!

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